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Thunder Sticks roll over Jacobus Jackals

Thunder Sticks vs Jacobus Jackals - Beep Ball 2016On Monday, July 4, 2016, the ForSight Vision Thunder Sticks took on the Susquehanna League Jacobus Jackals in an intense game of beep ball. The noon game was played during the Jacobus Lions July 4th BLAST celebration. There were a few twists to this year’s game. I had been notified previously that the Jacobus Lions would be unable to field a team. Jed Larkin, who got to know our team a couple of years ago and manages the Jacobus Jackals stepped up to the plate (pun intended) and volunteered his team to play us. He also asked for a noon start time so we would have more fans watch and learn more about the skills of our blind beep ball players. I have to mention that when I met Jed at one of our games, he was so impressed that he wrote out a personal check to support us.

As the Manager, I was a bit nervous. We would be playing young, skilled baseball players! As the Catcher, I get to see all the action in front of me so when our first batter, Scott Berube, got a hit and scored a run, I was relieved. There followed many more runs, seven in all, and some great fielding by our Sticks. In fact, most of our players went home with more than enough dirt from the infield as they dove and rolled and made some spectacular plays in the field.

Beep Ball 2016











While the Jackals did not score on us, you could see them become more comfortable with the game as the innings went on. As the Van Driver, we had one full and happy van load going home from what was a wonderful day.

Thanks to Jed for all his help and the wonderful reception we got from his players. It was more than enough that these players would go up against a team of blind persons. It was totally unexpected but deeply moving that at the end of the game, Jed presented me with $75 in cash, collected from his players and to help with our expenses. Wow!

Enjoy a few more pictures from our game.

thundersticks 070416 pic3thundersticks 070416 pic2thundersticks 070416 pic1



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