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Call Center, Credit Counseling Programs Now Open for Enrollment

world service for blind logoThe next scheduled courses for Call Center Specialist and Credit Counseling training are currently open for enrollment. The last day to begin evaluation for Credit Counseling is June 6, and the program begins July 5. The last day to begin evaluation for Call Center Specialist is June 20; the program begins July 18. Dates may be flexible, based on availability. For more information or to begin the admissions process contact Rebecca Reid, director of recruiting and retention, at 800-248-0734, or rreid@wsblind.org.

Call Center Specialist

World Services for the Blind’s eight-week Call Center Specialist training program imparts a vast skill set upon its participants so that, upon graduation, they are prepared to take on the role of call center representative with confidence.

Credit Counseling

During the program, clients will earn three certifications with the opportunity to earn two additional certifications for a total of five certifications upon the completion of their program. The first three certifications will take approximately 12 weeks, and include credit counseling, financial counseling and debt settlement certifications. The additional two being housing counseling and student loan counseling, which will add eight additional weeks of classroom training.
Get further details about both the Call Center Specialist Program and the Credit Counseling Program.



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