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If you are seeking information or assistance with low vision, vision loss or blindness, you'll want to browse the following links for a wealth of material. 

American Foundation for the Blind

Social Security Admin - Disability Benefit Application

Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

COMPASS: Pennsylvania Health and Human Services

National Industries for the Blind

Pennsylvania Council of the Blind

VisionConnect™ is a new, free, accessible app for iPhones and iPads from the American Foundation for the Blind that gives support to people losing their vision. VisionConnect™ provides:

  • A directory of services searchable by service, zip code, and distance, available in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Resources and tips for living independently with a visual impairment.
  • Links to useful information on VisionAware, FamilyConnect, and CareerConnect.
  • Information on products and technology.
  • Personal stories and employment advice.
  • A way to save directory search results and email them.

You can learn more about the app at AFB VisionConnect™ App and download it for free at afb.org/apps.

 Helping Students with Visual Impairments
The guide was created in part by four experts in the field, who lent their experience and expertise to help us provide students with visual impairments the tips and resources needed to succeed in school. Key features of our guide include:

 - Tips for choosing the right college
 - An in-depth look at the top assistive technology and tools being used today
 - Scholarships available for students with visual impairments



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