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Access Technology

Access Technology

Among the services that we here at ForSight Vision can provide to a a blind or visually impaired client is the Access Technology Program which provides training and support in the use of high and low tech items specifically designed for this population. 

ForSight Vision will provide computer evaluation training and support to interested individuals.  Topics covered include, navigating the computer using either a screen reader or a screen magnification program, basic word processing, the internet and e-mail, and file management.  Prior to instruction, students will receive an evaluation to determine what type of adaptive hardware or software they may need in order to use the computer.  ForSight Vision will provide instruction and support for the screen reader JAWS for Windows as well as the screen magnification program, ZoomText Xtra.  By gaining access to such computer applications, a person who is blind or visually impaired can increase his or her  independence and job marketability. 

In addition to computers, ForSight Vision will provide instruction for other devices such as CCTVs, talking clocks and watches, voice organizers, and other daily living aids and appliances. 

We are constantly searching for technology that will improve the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired.

For more information about Access Technology Services, please call Tony at (717) 848-1690 ext. 114. 



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