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ForSight Imaging's Electronic Document Management Systems

Document Imaging Divison

ForSight Imaging is offering complete electronic document management services! We offer our customers the best commercial document management practices by combining our skilled visually impaired employees with the finest technical support services supplied Laserfiche Systems.

Forsight Imaging offers a single point of contact for all your Electronic Document Management needs no matter how unique your requirements! We offer:

Door to Door Service

Your documents can be picked up and transported to our secure warehouse in our box vans.

File Inventory and Bar-coding

All documents are inventoried, pre-indexed and bar-coded upon receipt at our facility. Our advanced software allows us and our customers to know exactly where your documents are at any time!

Document Preparation

All documents are thoroughly prepared for scanning – all staples, binders and fasteners removed – torn pages repaired – any small receipts placed on carrier sheets to insure all data is captured.

Image Capture

Our state of the art scanners will scan your images insuring every page we receive is scanned and converted to digital images. We can scan your documents from 100 to 800 dots per inch in black and white or color!

Image Enhancements

Our Laserfiche Software will electronically enhance your digital images to make them better than the originals!   By applying these enhancements – all your documents will be clean, straight and ready for retrieval. We can additionally perform color drop out for those awkward colored forms that were once difficult to read!

Quality Assurance

All images are electronically and physically verified to assure our valued customers every image is captured and is better than the original paper documents.


Your individual retrieval requirements will be met by applying our advanced indexing software. Whether Zone OCR, match and merge or specialized indexing – you can retrieve and view your digital documents to suit your individual requirements!


Your digital documents can now be returned to your facility in many different methods. Forsight Imaging can export your digital documents to your facility in virtually any format.   Documents can be exported to CD’s, DVD’s, New Dual Layer DVD’s, Portable external hard drives , posted to secure FTP for your retrieval or hosed on our secure server for your access. If you have an imaging system or not – we can meet your requirements!


Your now digital records can be exported to our Kodak Image Writer for long term secure document preservation. These long term cassettes are classified for document storage up to 500 years!

Confidential Document Destruction

We offer Certified Document Destruction to unsure that your documents or their contents can never be viewed.

ForSight Imaging will provide you with the leadership and technical expertise to deliver state-of-the –art, collaborative and cost efficient solutions to totally solve your Document Management needs!

Electronic Document Conversion Process Flow

The following table illustrates the step-by-step procedures and events ForSight Imaging follows to insure accuracy and consistency handling our Clients projects:

  1. Proof of Concept: ForSight Imaging will process at no charge up to two sample boxes of Client's documents to establish current market pricing and establish customer protocol for electronic document viewing and retrieval
  2. Create client application/Data Group (Recipe for how our Clients wants to view and store their electronic images)
  3. We then inventory, prepare the documents for scanning and scan the POC to determine cost/image to preparation, scan, reassemble & shred
  4. ForSight will index the POC and upload electronic images to  CD/DVD or upload to client’s existing imaging system
  5. ForSight then returns the sample box along with images to our Client and "Backfile Conversion Agreement Quote"; could include an upload into client's existing DI system
  6. Client gives approval to move forward based on the terms outline in the "Backfile Conversion Agreement"
  7. Document pick-up is arranged through ForSight Imaging
  8. After picking up the documents and upon return to our facility, the boxes are immediately staged and inventoried to provide: Detailed list of contents (i.e. specific folder numbers/patient numbers)          
    • Identify specific box serial number / barcodes
    • Identify warehouse location of box
    • All required information is input into Bar Tender Pro software
    • Complete list of inventory is provided to Client via e-mail
  9. E-mail verification is REQUIRED from Client to proceed
  10. ForSight Imaging requires a Purchase Order; which will provide estimated number of images for this P.O. REQUIRED IN ORDER TO PROCEED
  11. Data group set up (Client Purchase Order is included in the naming/numbering of those images) based on information provided on the Laserfiche Configuration Form (Client requirements)
  12. Documents are prepared and scanned; *scanner maintenance is performed every day to keep productivity at its maximum; scanner maintenance to include : cleaning image guides and rollers
  13. Our Project Manager performs Quality Assurance as documents are being scanned. Project Manager runs Laserfiche QC Flow on all electronic images to maintain the highest quality standards.
  14. Documents are uploaded to indexing server
  15. Index fields are applied based on the terms of the “Backfile Conversion Data Form”
  16. Indexing accuracy is checked by Project Manager using Laserfiche  Index Manager on each datagroup.
  17. Indexed images are loaded to external drive for upload into clients imaging system by Project Manager
  18. Indexed images are exported onto Portable Hard Drive/CD/DVD in appropriate format based on the terms of the “Backfile Conversion Data Form”.
  19. Upload verification form is produced showing the information as follows: processing range, images processed, document count, characters indexed
  20. ForSight attains approval by Client. Form turned into Administration to process as service call
  21. Form given to Administrator to process invoice for Client.
  22. After upload is complete client has 30 days to verify all images are correct.
  23. Documents are then destroyed/shredded based on client agreement to wait time.
  24. Close out data group and archive images for future retrieval.

ForSight Imaging: Document Conversion Process and Personnel


For additional information, please contact , ForSight Imaging at  717-848-1690.


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