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In 1929, a group of York citizens became concerned about friends, neighbors and relatives who were blind and living in and around the York area.  The York Lions Club financed the training of one of these persons, Mr. Fred O. Boyer and employed him as a home teacher.  This program proved to be successful and much needed.  On January 1, 1932, the organization filed for incorporation.  On June 14, 1932, the agency received notice of incorporation as "York's Blind Centre".  The purpose of the agency was for "the education and care of blind persons".  Interestingly, in the original articles of incorporation, it was stated the "the yearly income of said incorporation, other than derived from real estate, shall not exceed the sum of twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars".

In 1948, York's Blind Centre was renamed the York County Blind Center.  In 1956, Fred Boyer retired and was replaced by William H. Murray as the first Executive Director.   Executives since then have been George Harris, Charles Beaverson and William Rhinesmith.  In 1970 the agency was moved from its Philadelphia Street location to the United Way Building on King Street.  In 1982 the industrial employment program outgrew the United Way space and this operation was moved to another location on King Street.  As the manufacturing operation grew in size and scope and other programs and services were added, the agency realized that even more space was needed.  In 1991 the Blind Center purchased and renovated a 25,000 square foot building on Spahn Avenue.

In 1996, the York County Blind Center expanded operations in Hanover by establishing Hanover Industries for the Blind.  This satellite operation provided employment for persons who are blind in the Hanover area until 2004.  In addition, social service staff from the agency are in Hanover once a month and the Blind Center continues to provide preschool vision screenings in the area.  In 1998, the agency responded to a request from the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind and assumed operations in Adams County.  This division was named the Adams County Association for the Blind. Currently we provide services in Adams County in addition to the York County area.

The Name of the agency was changed from the York County Blind Center to ForSight Vision in 2006 due to the recognition that an increasing number of visually impaired persons were being served as opposed to totally blind persons. 

The agency celebrated its 75 anniversary in 2007.  For your reference, we have compiled a more complete history of the agency which you may download. 

ForSight Vision is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and a member of the United Way of York County.



ForSight Vision
Telephone: 717-848-1690
Toll Free: 800-255-6578
Fax: 717-845-3889

Adams County
Telephone: 800-255-6578

Hours of Operations

Office: M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Store: M-F 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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