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Bill Rhinesmith - President

Bill Rhinesmith - President - ForSight Vision, Yor, PAI’ve been the President of ForSight Vision since 1988 when we were known as The York County Blind Center. Before becoming President, I managed our employment program. I got my start in the field in 1972 when I answered an ad for a summer camp counselor. The camp was known at that time as Beacon Lodge – Camp for the Blind. Located in central Pennsylvania, my experiences there shaped and guided my career. From my first day at camp without ever having met or known someone who was blind, I realized that this was my calling. I worked at Beacon Lodge for three summers and the experience of living, eating, hiking, fishing, swimming and interacting with persons who are blind was a wonderful training ground.

Beacon Lodge also was where I met another counselor, Marian Lorence, now my wife. Married but with no children yet, we moved to Tucson, Arizona and I managed a unique program there called Home Industries for the Blind – bringing work to the homes of persons who were blind and unable to travel to a central facility. Following the births or our son and daughter we decided to come back home to Pennsylvania and arrived in York not knowing a single person.

Over the past 30 years I have been fortunate to work with supportive Boards of Directors, outstanding staff and amazing donors. Possibly the single greatest accomplishment was the purchase of our own building at 1380 Spahn Avenue. Easily the biggest changes I’ve seen over the years have been the advances in technology and it’s accessibility for persons who are blind or visually impaired. With screen magnification or speech software, someone who is blind or visually impaired has access to the universe of information that is available on the internet. They also have access to some amazing aps that just get better on what seems like a daily basis.

With Board guidance, staff expertise and community support we have grown our programs over the years and practiced continuous improvement. I’m hesitant to mention individuals or specific programs for fear on unintentionally missing someone or something. I can say that the programs and services offered today at ForSight Vision have never been better and again, a testament to our Board of Directors and dedicated staff.

I’m always available to give tours of the agency and do welcome feedback from our community. You can reach me at bill@forsight.org


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