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Erica Evans - Document Imaging Production Manager

Erica Evans - Document Imaging Production Manager - ForSight Vision - York PAI am Erica Evans and I have worked at ForSight Vision since March 2012. I am currently the Production Manager of our Document Imaging Department. Our objective is to help companies go paperless by scanning their documents and returning to them an electronic image that can be accessed by multiple users. When the information is converted from a paper-based system into an electronic system, the improvements in accessibility, office productivity, and information distribution can be quite dramatic.

Before working at ForSight, I never interacted with the visually impaired community. Since then, I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through our employment services, volunteering on our beep baseball team, and being involved in some of our other activities. In my department, I’ve had the opportunity to work with individual employees and our services/rehab department to help employees work to the best of their ability.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids. We love playing board games, watching movies and playing paintball. My family likes to call me the “crazy dog lady” because I have 2 beagles and a Sheppard/border collie mix.   3 years ago we went up to Cabela’s and watched a dock dog diving competition and since then I have wanted to get a dog that enjoys the water and could potentially compete versus our beagles that lay around. My Sheppard/border collie mix is now 1 year old and I have had her in creeks and ponds multiple times to fetch and retrieve floating toys. She has social anxiety (like myself) so I don’t know if we will ever enter a competition but just having her jumping in the water for fun is enough for me.


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