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Hilda Jungclaus - Director, Business & Finance

Hilda Jungclaus Business FinanceWelcome to Forsight Vision.

My name is Hilda Jungclaus and I have been privileged to work at Forsight for 11 years. I am the Director of Business and Finance and as the title implies, I am responsible for business operations, budgeting, and general day-to-day finances of the agency. My 34 years in non-profit, for-profit, and government accounting has helped significantly in my current position. Additionally, what was once out of my comfort zone, Human Resources, is now my challenge and brings into play original college studies in Psychology. It is gratifying to see employees take on new roles, new work, and listen to their input and feedback on the agency’s mission and goals.

You may wonder why I chose the photo I did. While being comfortable sitting in an office analyzing numbers, I take a 180 degree turn in my leisure time and enjoy roller coasters and sailing. There is such peacefulness when anchored at night, sitting on deck and watching the sky. I am naturally drawn to the water and the quiet comfort it brings since I lived the first 11 years of my live in the Netherlands.

ForSight Vision is a supportive and safe place where staff strives to provide a variety of services to help the visually impaired (and low vision) clients, young and old, maintain as independent a life style as possible.

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