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Jennifer Zack - Clinical Director

Jennifer Zack - Clinical Director - ForSight VisionI’m Jennifer Zack, and I have been happily employed with ForSight Vision for almost 8 years. I have transitioned through several roles here, and currently serve as the Clinical Director.

Fresh out of grad school, I thought I was destined for a career within government. Thankfully, I decided against that, and for some reason answered an ad through Monster.com for a “Director of Program Services” position with ForSight Vision. A short time after being with ForSight Vision, I knew my natural calling was with low vision. The agency supported my decision to pursue a Master’s Degree in Low Vision Rehabilitation; which led to my certification as a Low Vision Therapist. I have been in the role of Therapist for about 5 years. I work with a great team here within the services/rehab department, and love every day of my work. For me, there is no higher calling in life than to be someone’s encourager, and that’s what I get to do for a living; encourage low vision patients to continue on despite having vision loss and usually multiple challenges that go along with that.

I am extremely active, and some days sitting in a chair at the office can drive me just a little nuts. It is typical you’d find me at the gym before the crack of dawn, out for a run, on a bike, or just outside enjoying the sun or a very peaceful sunrise. I enjoy most outdoor activities, and can be considered somewhat a health nut, as my co-workers tease me about my lunch preference of lentils and tuna! I also enjoy spending time with my husband and our beautiful Saint Bernard/ Lab mix breed. We rescued our dog from a shelter, and she has been an amazing blessing in our lives.

I really enjoy serving others. I used to wonder what my purpose in life was, but I know it is to live a life of service, especially through offering encouragement and comfort to as many as I can. ForSight Vision gives me the opportunity to live what I love. Please stop by and visit us so we can show you how our agency serves the community.



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