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Michelle Shenberger - National Library Service Line Manager

Michelle Shenberger - NLS Line Manager at ForSight VisionIt was approximately 19 years ago when I brought my 4-year-old son, Raymond, to take piano lessons from Tony Heath, a vision impaired piano teacher.  Out of my discussions with Tony I learned of a job opening at ForSight Vision.  Given that my only employment at the time was delivering newspapers and that I was already adjusted to having a blind son, this job sounded like a perfect fit for me. 

I started work in April of 1999 sorting green plastic cassette mailing containers for our National Library Service talking book recycling program.  In the ensuing years, I was eventually promoted to production manager.  My job duties now include overseeing the day to day operations of the NLS contract, supervising 15 blind and sighted employees, operating the tow motor, and shipping/receiving.  I enjoy meeting goals for completion of various parts of the job.  I try to instill a sense of independence in the employees who work for me. 

When I’m not at work, I am usually out in my garden or bird watching.  I keep record of how many different birds I get to see each year.  Additionally, I like to go bass fishing with my boyfriend in his boat. We have a friendly competition to see who catches the first and biggest fish. 

The two aspects of my life of which I am most proud are my son’s accomplishments; he is now a senior at York College, and my Job at ForSight Vision.  When I retire from this job, I would like to do some traveling to visit every state. 










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